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What Did You Expect? It’s a COOKING BLOG!

This is not a site to pay homage to the great Sergio Leone or the even greater Clint Eastwood but only a clever name for the blog I write on undertaking the difficult task of being an American woman in Italy trying to cook traditional Italian recipes. My biggest problem is that no one really writes anything down! It’s a bit of this, handful of that, they “eye” everything here. It’s very frustrating for a girl who was living on cold sandwiches before she was married. So I’ve been stumbling my way through stacks of cookbooks and endless notes taken from my mother-in-law and her mother, sometimes with great success and then there are the other times. I cried over my first homemade tomato sauce. No really! Cried tears! I was convinced that if I couldn’t master this staple in Italian cuisine that I would lose my husband to his mother’s kitchen forever. That was 5 years ago and since then I’ve learned quite a bit. In fact, now I prefer my tomato sauce over any I’ve ever tasted. Oh yeah, mama’s got a few tricks up her sleeve now! At this point I can use a little imagination with my recipes and make them my  own. I’m still not batting a thousand but I’m proud of how knowledgable I’ve become in the culinary arts. I’m not the most organized cook but what I whoop up is pretty damn good 90% of the time. Hey, I’m not perfect.

So from here on out I’ll be posting the good, the bad, the ugly. I’ll include the recipes and try to add a photo as well. Thanks for all your support and if you try a recipe, please let me know how it turned out!